Don’t GO to church, BE the Church…Part 3

This weekend there will be NO SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP GATHERINGS @ THE RIDGE. However, that doesn’t mean the Church won’t be gathering together, however. That is because for the third time in the last 17 months we will be spending Sunday out IN the community doing multiple ministry projects. It is what we call “don’t GO to community makeoverchurch, BE the Church.” Once we did this on our own, but last summer we were joined by 5 other churches for a county-wide community ministry/outreach effort called “Community Makeover” which spawned a new ecumenical nonprofit group called Engage Atlanta.

This time it is even more exciting! We will be joined by 35 churches throughout Paulding County. That’s THIRTY-FIVE! Unbelievable opportunity to touch people in our community! God is doing something HUGE!

We will be gathering at 8:oo AM Saturday and Sunday morning at Austin Middle School where we will pray together, receive our offerings and go out into the community to minister. Sunday evening we will be gathering with ALL of these churches at the Sam’s Wholesale Club parking lot in Hiram for an awesome commujnity worship gathering. Last year with only 5 churches participating we had 5,000 people. Below is a pic of what that looked like.  There  is no telling what to expect Sunday night! If you are a Ridger or if you are simply in the area, you need to be there!

Ridgers, if you didn’t get a chance to sign up for a project, come on anyway Saturday or Sunday morning and we’ll get you a project to help with. This is going ot be an amazing weekend in our community. Don’t miss out on it. Remember, we will NOT be gathering for worship this Sunday, but WILL return to our regular schedule on August 9th with a new series called “Drive: the ultimate road trip“. This is going to be a great series and I think many lives will be changed as a result.

Also, Ridgers, If you would like to give your tithe this week online, you can do so by going HERE…OR you can bring it with you Saturday or Sunday morning before your project OR you can bring it Sunday evening and put it in an envelope with Church @ The Ridge on the outside. All of those ways will enable you to continue to give faithfully.

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