Family Camp Recap

I didn’t blog this week and I didn’t even get to give a recap from last Sunday, because this past week 24 families from The Ridge, about 130 people total, went to the beautiful Strong Rock Camp in Cleveland, GA for our third annual Family Fusion Family Camp. It was phenomenal! Words cannot describe this experience! God did an amazing work in each family this week. I can safely say that it was a life-changing week for everyone there. This is one of those things that you cannot fully understand or appreciate unless you experience it yourself. My prayer is that next summer we will have even more families participate in Family Fusion. I am SO excited to see what God is going to do as a result of these days in the lives of these families and His church.

Camp is always a special experience as we break away form the norm and spend focused time with God and with our families. We had worship and fun together. We had times with just men and just women. We had special groups for the children and the teenagers as well. We ate and recreated together as families. We even had a special “date night” for the husbands and wives, while the kids had a special fun night. Most importantly we had times of spiritual focus and worship that refreshed, renewed and strengthened us individually, as couples and as families.

We had great times of worship, study, and teaching led by Danny Singleton. He did a fantastic job of challenging us and bringing God’s word to us each day. Wendell Brewton, Family pastor @ The Ridge, and his team of volunteers did an unbelievable job of leading, directing and organizing this week. Major props to Wendell for his leadership and especially to his wife Emily, who sacrificed and allowed him to direct this camp.

After 35 years of camp, I always go to camp looking for answers. I have said before, that I don’t always even know the questions. However, God always meets with me and He always reveals, strengthens, convicts, challenges, encourages, renews during camp. He always gives me answers…and this year was no exception. Thank you Jesus!

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