“I am that hero!”

Have you ever thought of yourself as a hero of the faith? Most of us don’t think of ourselves in the same company as those listed in Hebrews 11. Those men and women were these bigger than life characters in Scripture that truly were heroes of the faith.

However, as we have been studying in our Heroes series, these people were ordinary…some arguably were less than ordinary…yet God used them to do extraordinary things. Their faith and obedience and availability made them heroes. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things…but not in their strength. Only with the Lord in control.

I love Veggie Tales and the one thing that comes to mind as we prepare to finish this character study is the character Larry Boy. No, we aren’t studying Larry Boy this Sunday. Rather we are looking at “The Unsung Heroes.” Who are they? You’ll have to be here Sunday to find out. We are looking at 3 characters who share 2 names. Confused? Just know that after studying these guys, when you here Larry Boy’s famous cry “I am that Hero!” that you can be that hero too! As a matter of fact many of you already have been that hero, you just don’t realize it.

Don’t miss Sunday @ The Ridge! It’s gonna be great! In the meantime, enjoy this little tribute to all the ordinary “heroes” of the faith:

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