Looking Forward

There are several things I’m “looking forward to” right now:

  • …My oldest daughter coming home from a student leadership camp tomorrow. She’s been gone 8 days. Really missed her.
  • …My #2 daughter coming home from a 2-week dance camp at “Ballet Magnificat!” in Jackson, MS. She’ll be home the end of next week. Really missin her too!
  • …What’s next @ The Ridge!  Some big stuff on the horizon. Some of it I don’t really know what it is yet, but God does! I can sense as I pray about it that He is about to do something significant in our community and in His church @ The Ridge.
  • …Our new Creative Arts Pastor, Jerry Davison joining our team next week! Yea!! After 14+ months of prayer and countless interviews and conversations and seemingly endless searching, God has brought His man to us to join our team. I am really excited to have Jerry joining us @ The Ridge. HERE is a BIO and job description of what he’ll be doing. If you are a Ridger, check out his blog HERE and leave them a comment welcoming them to The Ridge. They are currently in route from Las Vegas, NV. I imagine they are somewhere in Arizona or New Mexico right now! 🙂
  • BTW – Some might have asked why we need this position right now. Well, I’d say we didn’t need this position right now…we needed it a year ago! 🙂 All you have to do is read the job description and you’ll see all the things that I and a few other staff and volunteers have been juggling for all this time. Then you’ll see how incredibly valuable this position is to God’s work here and the void that was left by Doug when he left. In addition, Jerry is bringing so much more to the table, including some new areas of ministry we’ve never been able to do! You’ll have a chance to meet he and Cheryl and their kids soon and you’ll see that God has brought us an A-player to the team. Again, looking forward to what God has planned! He’s bringing specific people for a specific purpose!
  • … to our Community Makeover Weekend August 1-2 as we join with 35+ other churches in our county together to go out into the community and “BE the church.” Can’t wait for this weekend! If you want to help or if you know of someone in need that we could help in our community, e-mail Brenton Lehman , our Community Ministry Intern,  who is running point on this project at brentonl@churchattheridge.com.
  • … to Family Fusion Family Camp July 26-30. This is always a highlight of the summer for our church. we have currently 23 families attending. There is room for only TWO more families. Join us by registering HERE. It is a week you WILL NOT forget! It is a week that will impact your family like nothing ever has…guaranteed!
  • …to our Summit @ The Ridge on Sunday Evening, August 9th. It will be a “family” picnic and a time of connecting for all Ridgers. It will be a celebration of baptism and worship together as well as a time of vision and a “town hall” of sorts for you to hear my heart and prayers for what God is doing and what He is laying before us this year.
  • …a new principle at Austin Middle School. Not that there was anything wrong with the one that was there. Mrs. Tammy Allen has been a fantastic person to work with us @ The Ridge. She took quite a chance letting this new church come into her brand new school building 3+ years ago. She has been a great support and has partnered with us in making a difference in the community. We are very blessed to have had her in leadership at AMS. We will miss her as she goes to open and lead yet another new middle school in our county. As she departs, we look forward to a new relationship with Joel Slater as the new principle. I have had the chance to meet with Mr. Slater and am very excited about this new relationship, as is he.
  • …Some REALLY exciting potential opportunities coming in 2010. Something BIG that could change, revive, and renew the hearts of every person @ The Ridge is in the works. Praying for this BIG opportunity to impact the church from the insideout.
  • …to some changes in our staff structure that I have been praying and thinking through for some time. Praying for God to provide the resources to make these critical, necessary additions that will make a huge impact on our community.
  • …some potential new directions in the areas of student ministry and small groups.
  • …possibly returning with a team of Ridgers to Burkina Faso this October.
  • …to whatever God wants to do in my life and in His church!

That’s just a few of the things I’m looking forward to right now. Praying for His wisdom and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Hang on Ridgers…pray hard…keep your fork…God’s up to something BIG! You kow how I know? His word tells me and the enemy is working. Sure sign that God’s about to do something HUGE! Don’t miss it!

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