Sunday Recap 6-28-09

Good day @ The Ridge as we wrapped up the OnePrayer series today. We heard a very timely message from Andy Stanley called “God Is…Certain.” When life is uncertain, God is not. I was very encouraged as many people were today.

Here are some more highlights:

  • Attendance was better today, but still typical June. This has always been our lowest month of the year. Giving definitely has been reflective of that this month. Will be having to make some tough financial decisions soon.
  • We saw FOUR adults baptized this morning! That’s what it’s all about! Never gets old.
  • Last Thursday we had FOUR kids baptized too at the end of our Impact Week. Two more adults scheduled to be baptized in a couple of weeks! Praise God for changed lives.
  • Interviewed a couple who are volunteers @ The Ridge. They were first exposed to The Ridge at our community outreach event last summer at the Paulding Co. Fireworks Show. As a result of us handing out water and glo-sticks to people, this family came to The Ridge last summer. Right before Christmas, both the husband and wife put their faith in Christ and in February were baptized! They’ve come full circle as they are now coodinating volunteers for THIS year’s fireworks show outreach. THAT’S what its all about! THAT’S why we do community outreach events! Love watching how God changes lives!
  • Tonight, I hosted a small group study of 6 men in my basement. We are studying “Raising A Modern Day Knight” together. This was our first full session and it was a great time! Really lovin this group.
  • My oldest two are away at two different camps and my number 3 child is spending the night at a friend’s house tonight.  What do we do with only 5 kids for the night? 🙂
  • Can’t wait to actually be back teaching next Sunday as we strart off a new series: HEROES. We’ll be honoring heroes in our community all month as we look at heroes of the Faith in Scripture. Next Sunday, July 5th, we’ll be honoring active and former military personnel along with community heroes who serve in the police, EMT and fire departments. If you are one of these, come in uniform and allow us to honor you as we celebrate our country’s freedom and look at “An Unlikely Hero” in the Bible.
New Series Starting July 5th @ The Ridge!
New Series Starting July 5th @ The Ridge!

One thought on “Sunday Recap 6-28-09

  1. Johnny

    “God Is…Certain.” When life is uncertain, God is not. Wow what a powerful statement. For me it just reassured me, that I have to put my faith in GOD. Even when I am uncertain, about so many things going on in life. God is there with me, I just have to remind myself that it is all in his hands, and just offer it up to him in prayer. Prayer and Faith….. Thank You for sharing the message from Andy Stanley, this Sunday with all of us. I really needed to hear it.
    Thank You..

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