This Week…

Wow! this has been a week of “brush fires” for sure. Lots of little things eating the week away…kinda like a bunch of little, yapping, ankle-biting dogs vying for your attention. I hate weeks like that! 😦

Anyway, I’m looking forward to my wife (aka the most amazing woman in the world) returning home this afternoon. She’s been in Nashville most of the week at her parent’s house taking care of some residual details from her brother’s death (see here too) a few weeks ago. Been hangin out this week with my two oldest daughters while she took the younger kids with her to “Nanny & PawPaw’s”. Appreciate all those who have continued to pray for her and her family. There is still a long road ahead with all of this.

I am excited about this Sunday @ The Ridge as we continue in the OnePrayer series. Father’s Day @ The Ridge is going to be great! Don’t miss it!

There is going to be a HUGE announcement this Sunday that I have been anxiously waiting to make for quite some time! Be there to hear about it!

This next week we have IMPACT Week at The Ridge. This is a huge community outreach as we will be doing a sports and arts camp for kids in teh community. If you haven’t signe your kids up yet, you can still get them in by going online HERE. Some groups are already full, but there are several great options. Let us know if you’d like to volunteer too. Pray for this week. It is a great chance for us to connect with many families in the community. Ridgers, makew sure YOUR kids are signed up too!

At the end of this week, we will have FamJam on Thursday evening. You need to bring your family to Austin Middle School Thursday night at 6:00pm for an amazing, high-octane experience you and your kids will not forget! Don’t miss it!

See you all Sunday @ The Ridge! Did I mention there is going to be a HUGE announcement?

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