Amazing Race Pit Stop #3 and Sunday Recap 5-24-09

Typical Memorial Day crowd today @ The Ridge. However, good vibe today! Band was on the money as usual. Here are some of the highlights:

  • We talked about “Elimination” of a Lasting Legacy as we looked at Eli in 1 Samuel 2-4. Bottom line is if we are going to keep from being eliminated, like Eli, when it comes to a lasting legacy, we must fight for it. We also must be diligent and attentive and intervene in our kids lives when necessary. For more see the Pit Stop for today below.
  • Gunnery Sargent Lyndon  Smith, USMC Ret. opened the service with a Memorial Day tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation’s freedom.
  • We recognized 5 high school graduates today @ The Ridge. Gave them two separate gifts. The first was a “College/Life Survival Kit” which included Raman Noodles (staple nutrition for all students), Red Bull (necessary to keep you awake & energized), Neosporin (which can cure any injury in life), and a roll of Duct Tape (which as everyone knows can be used to fix anything). The second gift was a little more serious. It included a special Graduate CD/DVD/CD-ROM and a copy of The Impact Leadership Bible. Proud of these kids…especially of my own daughter!
  • Our printer printed the wrong worship handout and we didn’t notice it until we were handing them out. All the announcments in there were from LAST WEEK. Very frustrating!
  • One of our own, Brandon Deaton, is in Burkina Faso with a mission team from WestRidge Church. Pray for him and for his family while he is away. Another team from The Ridge will be going to Burkina in October. There still might be room if you are interested.
  • We had our Partnership class today after our worship Gatherings today. Seven new members. Good group!
  • I left the school after 3PM and went almost directly to my 7 year old son’s end of year baseball party at Stars & Strikes. Left there and went straight to Stevi B’s for my 13 year old son’s birthday get together. Brought 6 boys back to my house for a campout. I hustled and put up the tent just before the rain started. hopefully it will stop for the rest of the evening. The boys are out playing with “airsoft” guns in the backyard in the dark & rain right now. typical guy stuff.
  • Right now, I’m pretty beat! Glad I have tomorrow off…well sort of. I DO have a big list of projects and honey-dos for tomorrow.
  • Here’s the Pit Top for today:

Pit Stop #3

Read 1 Samuel 1-4

This week’s Pit Stop on our topic is adapted from Warren Weirsbe’s Expository Outlines On The Old Testament.

When it comes to a Legacy That Lasts…

1. We can never underestimate the power of sin in a family. Eli pampered his sons when they needed discipline instead. This  eventually cost the family the priesthood, cost him his life and the lives of his sons. His legacy was elimnated.

  • Is there anything of a sin nature that you have failed to pay attention to in your own life or your family? What are the potential long-term consequences?

2. We must never underestimate the power of prayer in a home. Hannah and Elkanah (see 1 Samuel 1) were people of prayer, and God answered their prayers.  Because of the dedication and persistent prayers of Hannah, God gave the world Samuel, the last of Israel’s judges and the first of the prophets for the nation.

  • What was the last thing you prayed for as Hannah did in 1 Samuel? Have you continued to persistently pray or have you given up? Is it possible that God is waiting for you to earnestly, fervently seek Him more? Or is it possible that He has said “no” and you need to pray in a different direction?

3. We must not neglect the training of our children in spiritual things, undderstanding what  a great responsibility God has given us. As parents and leaders, we should make it easy for children and young people to hear God’s voice and respond in faith, because God does speak to them just as He did to Samuel. Eli did show some wisdom in realizing that God was calling young Samuel.

  • What am I doing to facilitate my children hearing God speak to them? What was the last thing I remember God saying to me through His Word? What do I need to be doing to hear God more consistently?

1 Response to “Amazing Race Pit Stop #3 and Sunday Recap 5-24-09”

  1. May 25, 2009 at 12:37 am

    Man, I wished we could have been there. Sounds like you guys had a great Sunday. My kids love 1 Samuel. We are reading through it as a family. Thanks for the challening words!

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