Awesome Sunday Recap 5-3-09

What a day! What a weekend! Today was our Celebration Day for our Faith Initiative as well as our 3rd Anniversay @ The Ridge.  It was an amazing day! Here’s the highlights:

  • One worship gathering today! It was amazing to see the cafetorium totally FULL today! Attendance was about average, but seeing everyone in one place was pretty cool. We couldn’t do that on a regular basis if we wanted to.
  • Nametags today were excellent. So many people who never get to see each other got to connect today.
  • Amazing response on the Commitment to the Faith Initiative capital campaign. 105 commitments were turned in! The total commitments for our 3 year Faith Initiative were……you’ll have to be @ The Ridge next Sunday to find out! It was exciting!!
  • The band led worship in a particularly awesome way! It isn’t hard to get energized when there are that many people all together singing!  Great music set, great energy, God was honored and Jesus was lifted up! (even if Kerry did have swine flu…or something 🙂 )
  • Great job by all of our volunteers today! Love the volunteer Ridgers! You guys rock!
  • Thanks to Justin and the entire Wild Goose Chase Faith Initiative Team. You all have done an unbelievable job these last couple of months! Thanks for your phenomenal effort! This entire thing would not have come together without you all and your effort.
  • The “dinner on the grounds” and the fun and games after our gathering today was a great time! Jason, Beth and their team did a fantastic job. It was SO much fun just hangin out and eating and playing together.
  • This weekend was my daughter’s High School graduation (on Saturday) too. So, yes it was a crazy weekend. I’ll blog more about that later.
  • My dad was able to be here for that and hang out with us today for this big Sunday @ The Ridge. It was great to have him here. Tomorrow is his 75th birthday. Glad I got to be with him. Happy Birthday Dad!
  • It was a great weight relief when I came home. Amazingly tired, but amazingly fulfilled and excited this afternoon!
  • 10PM and I’m heading to Atlanta Medical Center with my 18 year old daughter to see a friend of hers that was in a serious car accident tonight. Pray for her.
  • I’ll get to sleep eventually.

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