They’re growing up…too fast!

Yesterday was my #2 daughter’s 16th birthday. Not much celebration yesterday, but today is her “official” party. She has it all planned herself and has all her friends coming over this evening. It is always amazing to me how quickly the time goes by from one birthday to the next. Before I have turned around, she is 16.

Here is a recent picture of Aubrey on a mission trip to Jamaica earlier this month. it was her first overseas experience.

aubrey-jamaicaIt was cool to see how God used her and how He is going to use her in the future. Her passions, gifts, talents and personality are all coming together into His unique shape and plan. She is turning into quite a young woman. I am proud to have her call me Dad.

It just seems like yesterday that chubby little face with the firey red hair was born…screaming loudly I might add! 🙂 It was also just yesterday that her nightly ritual would involve peeking around the corner at me, after I had put this little 2 year old to bed, and whisper “I want to sit in your lap.” Then she would crawl up on the couch with me for just a few minutes, then that would be enough and she would toddle off to bed again. It was just yesterday that so many things happened…then she turned into a young woman.

I have watched her grow in her God-given abilities and begin to see God’s plans for her start to come into focus. I am always humbled as I watch the Lord do his thing in my kid’s lives. I have laughed with her so many times (even times when only she and I thought something was funny!), I have fussed at her, I have had to discipline her, I have cried with her (and for her), I have spent time in the ER with her, I have had fun with her, I have been very proud of her, (and yes sometimes frustrated), I have prayed for her, I have been blessed by her. She is a special unique part of our family by God’s design.

I’ll never forget that evening on April 24, 1993 when Aubrey came “busting into the world”…quite literally, as she was born in only 35 minutes!…red hair, chubby cheeked, purple faced, screaming as if to say, “Look out world here I am!”

I thank God for you, Aubrey. He has special plans for you that I can only imagine…hmm that could be a good song…Happy 16th birthday!

By the way, on the subject of growing up too fast, this one graduates high school next weekend! AAGGHH! But that’s another post! aly12thgrade

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