By The Numbers…

Do numbers matter? These numbers @ The Ridge just in… numbers

  • 603 = number in attendance @ The Ridge Easter Sunday…first time we’ve cracked the 600 mark! Praise God!
  • 1 = number of Ridgers on mission in Africa on Easter (so we counted him and made our number 604!)
  • 157 = number of children in RidgeKidz Sunday!
  • 49 = number of first time guests who registered Easter Sunday
  • 20 = number of second time guests registered
  • 8 = number of renewed commitments to Christ recorded
  • 10-12 = number of additional renewed commitments to Christ that were indicated but not recorded
  • 4 = number of first time commitments to follow Christ!! That’s what it’s about!
  • The previous three number sets NEVER get old!
  • 2 = number of people baptized as new believers on Easter Sunday!
  • 18 = number of family units who signed up for Financial Peace University on Easter Sunday

One additional number:

  • 93 = number of people who “got soaked” @ The Ridge in 2008…that means baptized! Praying for more than that in 2009!

Numbers. Are they important in the church? If it is so you can toot your own horn and point to yourself, then NO. However, if you can humbly and honestly say, “To God Be The Glory!” then YES!!

But, “Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.” For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends. –  2 Corinthians 10:17-18

Numbers are important to God because they represent souls. Over and over in Acts as the early church is described, it tells how the Lord added to the numberActs 1:15, Acts 2:41, Acts 2:47, Acts 4:4, Acts 5:14, Acts 6:1, Acts 6:7,   Acts 9:31, Acts 11:21, Acts 11:24, Acts 14:1, Acts 14:21Acts 16:5, Acts 17:4, Acts 17:12Acts 17:34, Acts 19:19,   Acts 28:23 .

Are numbers important to God? Absolutely! Should they be important to the church? As long as it isn’t about US and all about HIM and what HE’S doing, then a resounding YES!

Should one church be discouraged because their numbers aren’t as big as another’s? No, as long as you are faithfully preaching the gospel and seeking to reach the lost. We should never get caught into a comparison game. However, we need to be aggressively on OFFENSE…increasing our CAPACITY…moving FORWARD … ADVANCING the Gospel…pushing BACK the darkness…so that the numbers in the Kingdom of God increase and the numbers in the darkness decrease. GOD is the one who will grow His Church; we just need to be faithful to grow in our own walk with Christ and allow Him to use us to accomplish His mission.

By the way, there is an entire book in the Bible called Numbers…just in case you forgot that. 🙂

Ridgers, keep bringing in the numbers…people…souls…who need a new perspective on God, the Church, themselves and others. Keep inviting, keep serving, keep giving, keep sacrificing, keep praying, because…

…Numbers matter.

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