Easter Sunday Recap 4-12-09

Wow! What a great day @ The Ridge today! We were so blessed today as we celebrated the most imprtant day in history. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Over 600 today! First time we’ve really broken the 600 mark. It was exciting to see the place packed for two worship gatherings.
  • Two baptisms today. Very cool to see two fathers take the step of faith and obedience in baptism. Great stories too!
  • Four people indicated that they were putting their faith in Christ for the first time today! That’s what its about!
  • We talked about when Jesus walked out of the tomb, He left the grave clothes behind. many of us have put our faith in Christ, but walk around still tangled up in the grave clothes…the sins that keep us tangled up from being able to run with reckless abandon after Christ. Numerous people indicated a desire to recommit their lives to Christ and lay aside the grave clothes that we’ve been living with, so as to live the abundant life Christ came for us to have.
  • The band absolutely ROCKED today! Those guys are getting better and better! Loved the vibe today.
  • Saw LOTS of new faces today AND we saw lots of faces we haven’t seen in a while. It was good so see many returning faces today. Praying they’ll return.
  • Our volunteers did a great job today. You guys are amazing! If you are a Ridger and you aren’t involved in volunteering in any way, you are missing a huge blessing! You guys who volunteer are making a difference in people’s lives every week. Don’t ever forget that.
  • We prayed for some bold numbers. God didn’t give us exactly what we prayed for…yet! I believe He will but in His timing. What He did do was give us a huge number of people who heard the Truth of the Gospel clearly. Still praying for 800 and 100 salvations.
  • I was thrilled and humbled by what God did today. I can’t wait to see what He will continue to do.
  • Next Sunday, we will continue our Wild Goose Chase Faith Initiative Series with something that I can promise you will not be done at any other church in the community. It will be a day that you won’t forget, I promise. I can guarantee that if you miss it, you;ll say “Dang! I should’ve  been there!”  Don’t miss next week @ The Ridge.
  • I’m pretty bushed. Getting ready to crash. Peace!

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