Sunday Recap 4-5-09

Unexpected day @ The Ridge today. With the first Sunday of Spring Break today, I wasn’t sure what to expect attendance-wise. As I arrived at about 6:40am and there were only a couple of our Operations team there for set-up, I thought, “Oh no. If we are this short-handed, it’s gonna be a slim day.” Well, I was pleasntly surprised. Attendance was off a bit, but actually not too much. Offering was solid too. Several first time guests today as well. Amazing! God brought the folks and the Word was taught, His name was lifted up and hopefully people’s lives were impacted.

Blogging from Nashville, TN this evening. Left this afternoon and stopped off in Chattanooga for a wedding. A former student of my youth ministry days got married this afternoon and I had done 4 months of pre-marriage counseling with them. After that, we headed on to Nashville to visit my wife’s parents. The kids love seeing their dog more than they do their grandparents. 🙂 Just a quick day and a half trip. Heading back Tuesday.   Busy second have of the week as we prep for Easter.

Today we were in week two of our Wild Goose Chase series. It was a great study as we took a second look at 1 Samuel 14 and the Story of Jonathan’s Daring Victory over the Philistines. Today we looked at Saul, who in this story feared losing what he had, so he did nothing. Check it out. We so many times as the church and as leaders can have a tendency to “play it safe” which will lead to paralysis. We wind up doing nothing, while the Jonathans are taking on the daring challenges that God puts before us chasing after Him with reckless abandon and radical commitment. Saul’s problem of paralysis was basically because he spent most of his life chasing after himself.  The thing is, I can’t chase the Wild Goose…the Holy Spirit… and chase me at the same time.

The Ridge band just gets better and better each week! They did a great upbeat arrangement of Andrew Peterson’s The Chasing Song. Very cool. Led in perfectly to the message. I’ll put these guys up there with any band in the area…I mean it!

Proud of our Operations Team and the extra folks who helped out this week. Really shorthanded today because of Spring Break, but they pulled it together.

Wendell, our Family Pastor, is in Burkina Faso, Africa. He has an update HERE. Pray for him and the team there as they work and share Christ. Pray for his family while he’s gone too.

My 15 year old daughter is in Jamaica on a mission trip with the youth group from a church I formerly served as youth pastor. Excited for her to have this opportunity. Pay for her as she is on her first overseas mission trip.

Can’t wait for next Sunday! It’s Resurrection Day…EASTER! Praying for 800 in attendance next week. Who are your 10/5 ?  That is the 10 individuals or 5 families you are inviting. Ridgers, let’s get busy and pack out the place! I’m boldly praying for 100 salvations on Easter Sunday!  Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of something God-sized. Don’t be like Saul…don’t do nothing! Chase the Wild Goose…it’s the most uncertain, certain thing you’ll ever do!


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