Sunday Recap 3-29-09

Awesome day @ The Ridge yesterday! We kicked off our Official Wild Goose Chase series today. This begins the challenge phase of our Faith Initiative. God is up to something big, I believe! The enemy is up to some things too. We gotta stay “prayed up” people!

Kerry, Jason, Danny, Richard, & Michelle…our band yesterday…did a phenomenal job! They absolutely ROCKED the place! I bet no where else in the area did the service start off with “Frontline” by Pillar and end with “Signature Of Divine” by Need To Breathe…with a couple of Tomlin tunes in between! I gotta tell you, I’d put our band up there with any worship band in the area. I love these guy’s hearts and I love their attitude and I love what they are becoming. And they are all volunteers!

We had 2 Family dedications yesterday. I love these days when we see parents dedicating themselves to impacting another generation!

Four people indicated they were putting their faith in Christ yesterday! YES!! That’s what it’s about!  If you were one of those, go to our website and sign up for baptism on Easter Sunday. One person from yesterday already did!

We talked about an amazing story in 1 Samuel 14, where Jonathan pursued a daring plan, chasing the Wild Goose, so to speak. God allowed Jonathan victory in a miraculous way. Great story. You need to read it.

Question: When was the last time you “took a dare” from God? When was the last time you attempted as an individual, family or church, something so daring that if God didn’t show up, you were sunk? I’m not talking about going off half cocked and doing stupid stuff and calling in faith, when God likely wasn’t in it in the first place. What I am talking about is haveing faith, being wise, but being daring. I think this is what God has called us at The Ridge to do in this Faith Initiative .

Here’s thing we ended with yesterday. It is a quote from Mark Batterson: “God’s will is not an insurance plan. God’s will is a daring plan.”


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