Driving by a privileged opportunity

Pete Wilson posted this clip of Joshua Bell, the world’s best violin player. This was an experiment The Washington Post did where they put him in a Washington DC train station to simply play his violin. The question was, would people stop and listen to the world’s best violin player playing in a train station? By the way, he’s playing one of the world’s best violins…it was was made in 1730 and cost $3.5 million. Check it out:

Now what does this have to do with anything? Well, I thought it was pretty cool since we talked about the privilege of access to the Lord in prayer last Sunday. I thought this was pretty relevant.  We aren’t just walking by an amazing musician, but how many days do we drive right by a privileged opportunity to stop and commune with the Creator of the universe?

Over 1000 people walked by and failed to take advantage of an amazing opportunity. They were clearly too busy or uninterested to notice that they were in the presence of musical greatness. Even those of us who claim a relationship with Christ, can find ourselves too busy (or so we think) to spend time with the sovereign, omnipotent Creator. We can even live our lives so focused on ourselves and our desires that we can easily become uninterested in the amazing privilege of prayer.

In Revelation 4, John got a glimpse of how awesome God is. So did Isaiah in Isaiah chapter 6. When we have a fresh perspective on how awesome God is and how un-awesome we are, it changes how we approach prayer. This same God is the one who desires a relationship with you and I, yet we seem to be too busy and too disinterested to care.

Don’t drive by the privileged opportunity you have to stop and listen to God…talk to God…fellowship with God…hear from God.

Thanks Pete for your insight.


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