Sunday Recap 3-22-09

Great day @ The Ridge today! I know I say that every week, but it really was! We continued on our mini-series on prayer as part of our Wild Goose Chase Faith Initiative. We talked about the “How To…” of prayer as laid out by Jesus in Matthew 6, most commonly known as the Lord’s Prayer, but more accurately called the model prayer.  We then looked at how to approach God in prayer and looked at Isaiah 6 and Revelation 4 where Isaiah and John came face to face with God. Wow! What a new perspective we saw on how awesome and amazing God is. This totally changes my perspective on how I approach prayer. Unbelievable!

A cool thing was that I went with our students to the Student Life Conference in ATL this weekend too. Amazing thing was as Francis Chan was speaking Friday night, he was speaking on exactly what I had planned to speak on today! Kinda freaky, but very cool. God had that planned, no doubt. Maybe I needed to hear it before I preached it.

Solid attendance today…a little down from last week, but still good.

Really getting excited about NEXT Sunday as we fully kick off our Wild Goose Chase series! I really believe the next 5 weeks is going to be a defining time in the life of The Ridge! You Ridgers do not want to miss any of it!

Tonight we had FamJam @ The Ridge. This is an incredible family worship experience! We had a great crowd show up. Everyone had an awesome time! Wendell and the Family Ministry Team did a phenomenal job! We also got to see 3 children baptized at the end. Each of their dads got the privilege of baptizing their kids. It was emotional, exciting, and amazing! Never gets old seeing that! Generational change! Love it!

Easter is coming soon! We said today that surveys say that 80% of people who do not normally attend church say the would come to a church on Easter Sunday, if someone invited them. I am challenging each of you who attend at the ridge to invite 10 individuals or 5 families to come with you to The Ridge Easter Sunday. If you do odds are that 8 of those 10 individuals will come! It is going to be an amazing day! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in someone’s eternity! Let’s jam the place on Easter! 10,000 mailers are going out the week before, but what will bring people in will be YOU INVITING THEM! So who are your 10? Make a list…pray for them…ask them !

Been watching bits and pieces of March Madness. My brackets are a mess!

Going with my daughter tomorrow to visit yet another college. It’s costing me as much to make all these visits as it would for a semester of college…well not that much, but it seems like it! 🙂 That’s okay, though. We are just prayerfully seeking where God wants her to be. Hopefully we’ll know soon. Long road trip and back to Mobile University tomorrow. Looking forward to it though. Really enjoying the road trips to get to spend more time with her…especially at this season of her life. What a blessing.

Tired…haven’t been this spent after a message in a while. Going to bed. I’m out!


1 Response to “Sunday Recap 3-22-09”

  1. March 24, 2009 at 9:24 am

    Good Morning Steve,
    Thank you for Sunday’s teaching…I really enjoyed the reading and needed it too. Steve as each day passes, I find my heart stirring….It scares me at times, but I know it is good. It is the unknown…and yesterday’s reading was about trusting God….I do and then I start to doubt myself….Steve I have NEVER felt this way before. I honestly feel like my heart is trying to mend…..I pray about it and trust that God will heal my heart and guide me. I pray for my family and friends and forget to pray for myself and I just realized it last night while reading Proverbs…..So much seems to be changing in my life over the pass two/three months, I try not to dwell on it but let go, try not to ask questions, but then I remember I can question it……And the start of this new series all I can say is WOW…I love the reading each day….since I can’t fast food, TV was on my list, I didn’t realize just how discipline I could be, (I should have know that being retired military) LOL I find myself reading more and trying to be STILL….now that is really hard for me…..and I am praying about that…

    Steve talking about your family and how you enjoy the time you spend with the oldest getting ready to leave the nest….…believe me it is hard, especially when it is your baby girl…..I still have a hard time with mine, and she is 26..I just want to keep my arms wrapped around her so tight,, but you got to let go and give her her own angel wings……I enjoy all my text msg, phone calls, and emails but it is really hard knowing that in just a few weeks she will be leaving for Iraq…..I pray for her safety and the safety of our troops…..OUR CHILDREN ARE GODS GREATEST GIFT… The best of luck with the school trip and cherish the time you have with her……you’re in my prayers!
    I hope this sense to you…..I am so blessed…..
    Thank you for listening and God Bless you and the family

    PS Steve I hope your brackets get better LOL

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