Busy Off Day

Yesterday was a great deay at the Unleash conference.. Twenty of us from The Ridge went to New Spring Church in Anderson, SC and had a great experience together.

Today, my wife took the rest of our staff wives to Nashville for the Beth Moore Minister’s Wives Conference. I told her that I wanted her to make sure that the ladies had a first class time. They deserve it!

With that said, my day was busier than I first intended. Today, was payday, so that meant starting the day getting all the bills paid online, then going to the bank to get the cash out for our Dave Ramsey Envelope System. The wives were to rent a car to drive to Nashville, but we got a call saying that the rental company had no cars available this morning and we’d have to check back later. What’s the point of reserving a car and having a confirmation number then? This threw a wrench into the plans a bit as we had to rearrange the morning schedule to wait on the rental car company. Thus making Kim and the ladies a little late leaving. They finally got away.

I also had to get my van inspected and tag renewals today. I forgot about getting it earlier this week. Well, I got a code on my check engine light. Couldn’t get it to clear. Went to several places. Never got the emissions to pass. Frustration. Several wasted hours. Finally gave up. Don’t know what I’m gonna do about that.  😦

Next on the agenda was to go to Sam’s and Walmart with five of the kids in tow. Knocking out the grocery shopping for my wife while she is away. I go to Sam’s load up the cart and realize that I left my money at home. (we pay cash for groceries and it totally messed me up.) Without another option, since I had already pulled the money out of my account, I went and put everything back, then went all the way home. My oldest daughter had gone to pick up two of her siblings from school before taking her sister to ballet this evening. She was home by the time I got there, so I picked up my son (who had been with her), got my money and headed back to Sam’s…now with 6 kids in tow.

Do the Wal-Mart and Sam’s thing. Get back home later than planned and have to quickly put away all the groceries then put together something for supper, because eldest son has a baseball game at 8:15pm. Cram supper down, then off to the ball park.

Rain doesn’t start falling until first pitch. Figures. It is a pretty cold spring night in GA. Rain makes it colder. I have 5 kids with me, baby included. They like playing at the park but the rain puts a damper on their playtime. Oldest daughter calls and says she and sister are almost home from ballet. It’s 9:15pm. I then leave the ball park with the younger kids because it’s just too cold and wet. Ballgame still going on.

After running home and quickly getting kids ready for bed, I leave them in the care of big sisters and head back to the ball park (its only about 2 miles from my house). Back at the game, things aren’t going well for my son’s team…13-0 in the 3rd inning, in the rain and cold. Not a fun night. He gets run over after making a put out at first. Hurts his ankle, but keeps playing.

Finally return home about 10:45pm. Sit down to watch the SEC basketball tourney and catch my breath before going to bed. Thought I’d blog about it all. I’m tired. I need a day off from my day off!


1 Response to “Busy Off Day”

  1. March 14, 2009 at 7:26 am

    so sorry that you had to be both of us yesterday. I hope today is better. 🙂 Love ya!!!

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