The Chase Is On!! – Sunday Recap 3-8-09

Today was a geat day @ The Ridge! We had solid attendance, despite the time change…I hate time change day, by the way! 😉 Giving was solid as well.

The energy and excitement was huge today as we launched The Wild Goose Chase Faith Initiative. *  Follow the link for more.

(*thanks to Mark Batterson for permission to use the theme!)

wildgoosechase_sign-copyThe ancient Celtic Christians had a term for the Holy Spirit: An Geadh-Glas or the Wild Goose. There is a mystery, adventure and untamed nature to following the Holy Spirit. Some may have thought that we were on a wild goose chase at the beginning of this journey to start The Church @ The Ridge. And they were right! We are simply chasing after the Wild Goose…the Holy Spirit…and His vision for His Church at The Ridge.

This Faith Initiative is the beginning of a three-year campaign to increase the capacity @ The Ridge to impact another generation and change people’s perspectives in our community and beyond. I’ll share more here this week about the vision God has for us here. It is exciting to think about chasing after the Holy Spirit with reckless abandon! There is an adventure awaiting us and the reward is going to be great and eternal!

It was an amazing day @ The Ridge! dozens of people committed to join us on a team to help pull together this Faith Initiative. It was awesome to see folks choosing to “join in the chase”. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

The next 7 weeks are going to be incredible as we grow together in this Faith Initiative. Our faith is going to be strengthened, our prayer life will be increased, our walk with Christ is going to be deeper. We’re chasing the Wild Goose! I pray that YOU might join us!


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