Sunday Recap 3-1-09

Crazy weather day @ The Ridge. Started off with rain as the first worship gathering  started, then snow covering the ground by the time the second gathering ended, then a slushy mess and then nothing but clear roads by this evening.  Hundreds of kids AND teachers are totally bummed tonight that the snow didn’t amount to more. I will laugh my head off if school gets canceled in the morning. I am fully stocked with milk and bread, however.  Here’s some highlights of the day @ The Ridge today.

  • Finished up our Beginnings series as we looked at God’s sovereignty and the life of Joseph. The thing that we boiled down to was “If God is God…can I trust Him?” The answer is YES…Absolutely!
  • Saw 3 more baptisms today! Praise God!
  • The band did a great job today. Totally nailed Need To Breathe’s Signature of Divine to close the gathering today. Awesome!
  • Attendance was down (as expected) but giving was good and we had several first-time guests today…that’s great on a messy weather day!
  • We had planned to have our FamJam Family Worship Experience tonight, but had to make a decision on it by 10AM to let everyone know. So we postponed it. Turns out we could have had it this evening! Oh well. We’ll have FamJam on March 22 instead…it is going to be an awesome time! Make sure your family doesn’t miss it!
  • This gave my family some free time this evening that we hadn’t planned on. SO, I decided we’d all go out to Steak N Shake for a family night out. Eating out for us is usually out of the budget, but I had seen a special and thought I’d take advantage of it. They have a deal celebrating their 75th anniversary: single steakburgers only 75 cents! We took the family and got steakburgers all around, water for everyone and 3 platters of fries shared all together. Total for our family of 10? $16.98! I can’t remember the last time my family ate out that cheap! It was probably about 6 kids ago. 🙂 Go to Steak N Shake and take advantage of this deal!

1 Response to “Sunday Recap 3-1-09”

  1. 1 Mike J
    March 2, 2009 at 9:30 am

    Good service; got me to thinking:
    Have we become so self-absorbed that we are deaf and blind to what is around us; and thus require scripture to see and hear again. Are we the same as the deaf and blind Jesus healed.

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