The other day, I got out of the shower and noticed a spot on my leg. Upon closer examination, I saw that it was ringworm. Ringworm! How did I get that?!

I remember as a kid getting ringworm from time to time. I guess I didn’t wash as good as I should’ve or I just ran around the woods a lot. I don’t know. Most likely though it came from other kids at school.

I showed my wife. One of my boys had had some ringworm recently. She said, “I guess you rubbed up against one of the kids who had it.” Ringworm can be pretty contagious I suppose.

As I thought about that, I realized that my faith should be like ringworm.

  • First, it should be contagious. it should be infectious. Other people should catch it from me. It should be impacting my life in such a way as to “rub off” on others. Okay, that’s a given. Yeah, you know that, right?
  • BUT the second thing is, I have to get close enough TO someone for it to “rub off on them.”  If I am not getting close enough to people, they’ll never catch it no matter how infectious it may be. If I am causing people who need the hope of Christ to keep their distance, then I’m not ever gong to “infect” them. Sure I need to be careful that I’m not being negatively influenced by sin, but I need to have relationships with those who don’t know Christ. Otherwise, I’m not contagious to anyone, because everyone around me is already infected.
  • How I respond in faith to the circumstances, trials, temptations in my life, will either birth faith in others or build the faith of those around me…or it won’t.

Be contagious. Rub off on someone else. Ridgers, bring someone with you this week who needs to be infected with the hope and love of Christ.

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