I Quit!

That’s right. I quit.

Since starting The Church @ The Ridge, I have been mowing grass on weekends to help ends meet for my family and to pay off some debts (which we really didn’t have much of until we became church planters 🙂 ) For quite some time I have really felt the burden of keeping up with this. I don’t mow too many yards 5-6, but it usually takes my whole off-day each week and sometimes on Saturday too, to do it…during the mowing season.

Lately, I have felt God telling me to give this up. I have wanted to do that, but I’ve been hesitant because the extra income has been a blessing. However, I was really struggling with the time it was taking away from my family. God was speaking to me saying, “You aren’t trusting Me to provide for your family.”  So…I decided to quit, mowing that is (except for my own lawn, which has been much neglected the last couple of years 🙂 )

I was sharing this decision with a friend and fellow pastor this week and he said something that I had not thought of. He said that I was rationalizing sin. He asked me when was the last time I took a Sabbath. I said, “I don’t know.” He said, “You’re rationalizing sin by not taking that time off.” He was right. That was a confirmation from the Lord.

I have a couple of clients that I have obligations for the next month, then I plan to pass my clients on to a friend as long as they agree. My son is going to keep one of them in my neighborhood, for himself. I’ll help him get started with it and hope that he can begin to build his own little business to work for the next few years.

The bottom line is, I have a peace about this. God is going to provide and He has already confirmed that…within a couple of days of my obedience! That’s always the way it works isn’t it? Funny thing is, I was preaching to myself this past Sunday and didn’t even realize it. I had said that confirmation always comes after obedience and in speaking of Abram and his obedience (partial obedience), I said we sometimes obey the Lord, but mix in our own wisdom. We say, “Let me help you out here God.”  That’s what I have been doing. Well, not anymore. I hate it when I preach to myself! 🙂

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