Christmas Cards Live On…

We started something new at our house this year. We’ve talked about it before: What do you do with all those Christmas Cards each year? Well, if you’re like us, you usually throw them away…except for maybe the photo cards of christmas-cardsfriends & family you haven’t seen in a while. That has been our process for years.

Last year we had an idea…actually the idea came from my wife …but it wasn’t until this year that we put it into practice. I took the banner of making it happen and we have started what I hope will become a tradition in our family.

We have a small basket on top of the fridge with all the Christmas cards we received this year. Each week we take one and put it on the family calendar on the side of the fridge. When we sit down to supper, we always have a rotation as to who says the blessing. As the blessing is being said over the meal, we ask God to bless that particular family or individual whose card is picked for the week. We also pray for these families in our family devotions. It is a little reminder to our kids to pray for others as well as a way that we can be grateful for those people whom God has placed in our lives.

A couple of cool things are now happening: The kids have started reminding each other at meal time to pray for the family of the week; and in just the last week, without any prompting, we have been hearing the kids remember these families in their bedtime prayers as well. That’s awesome!

So, if you sent the Whipples a Christmas card in 2008, know that you are being prayed for in 2009. May be something you could do in your home…if you haven’t already thrown those cards away!

I’d love to know, what do YOU usually do with all those Christmas cards each year?

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