Simple Prayers

Most nights I’m the one who puts our kids to bed and says prayers with them. They kiss mom goodnight and up the stairs they go. I go to each of their rooms and say prayers with them.

I am always touched by the simplicity of their prayers. I smile at some of them, as I’m certain the Father does. But sometimes I get a lump in my throat too as they very honestly and simply lay their requests before Him. I think sometimes we need to open our hearts to God in simple, heartfelt, honest prayer…like our kids do. Here are a few of their most recent simple prayers:

  • “please help it to snow” (all of them pray this along with most kids!)
  • “thank you for my family”
  • “thank you for always taking care of us” (this one is said most every night)
  • “Please help…sick sibling of the day…to get better”
  • “Thank you for sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins” (totally unprompted…by my 7 year old)
  • “please take care of all the sick and the poor”
  • “thank you for our house”
  • “thank you for…followed by a listing of all siblings. (this takes a few minutes! 🙂 )
  • “thank you for the sun and the rain and the moon and the stars and the trees”

There is rarely a list of things they want…other than snow. Usually they are very to the point and simply basic things that they thank the Father for or ask of Him. I believe that we can take a lesson from our kids in what we seek from the Lord. Are most of our prayers about us, others or Him?

I pray one simple thing each day. It is a simple phrase that always keeps myself in perspetive. I will pray this multiple times some days. What is that simple prayer? Simply this: “I need You, Lord.” Because I do…everyday.

What is YOUR simple prayer? What is the most meaningful prayer you have heard your kids say?

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