And the winner is….

Last night, I was home messin’ around with the kids, while my wife had one of my daughters at basketball practice. We were playing some card games, then I had an idea…scary I know! 🙂

We put together as many of my boys’ Hot Wheels tracks as we could and had a family race-off. All the way down the hall upstairs. The original plan was to go down the hall AND all the way down the stairs. However, some difficulties in the engineering made the track too steep and not enough curved track to make the turn correctly…cars kept flying off the track. So we settled for a long run down the hall.

We set up the elevated starting track and stretched it out with other pieces. Each person got to pick the two cars they thought were fastest after a couple of test runs. Then we started the race-off. The heats eliminated cars until it was down to my 7 year old son with his new, sleek, nearly flat racecar he got for Christmas versus my 8 year old daughter with her surprisingly fast replica Nascar Cheerios car from a box of cereal. In the end my son’s car won by a razor thin margin. The cereal car made a good run though. (it was the Cinderella story of the night!)

Good fun! Much more so than sitting in front of the tv all evening.

1st place & 2nd place
1st place & 2nd place

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