beginningsWhy does Genesis…the book of beginnings…matter to our faith? Is is just a book of stories? Are they true, partially true, legend, myth, allegory, fable? What’s the big deal if we don’t believe that all those things in Genesis are totally true anyway?

We’re gong into a new 6-week series on Genesis, simply called “Beginnings.” It is a look at the foundations of our faith that are laid out in this first book of the Bible. We’ll be looking at why this is the most attacked and maligned book of the Bible. This first week is about “Why Genesis Matters.”

Honestly we could spend months on this book. It is so full of great stuff (not just cute Bible stories, either)…deep stuff…theological and doctrinal bedrock. If you don’t understand Genesis, its difficult to come to grips with the importance of all the rest of scripture.

If you are a Ridger, make sure you are here for this exciting series! Bring someone who doesn’t have a clue about God, the Bible, Jesus. Bring someone who thinks they do. Bring yourself.  It will be a great place for us all to start…at the beginning.

Be here at 9:30am or 11:00 am Sunday!

By the Way…Don’t miss Connection Night this Sunday night at 6:00 pm at Austin M.S. We’ll be forming and reforming Quest Groups for this semester! Get connected!


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