My Ridiculous day today…

Today was one of those days. One of those days that was just crazy busy with stuff and obstacles. I’ve definitely had worse days than this, but none that made me more tired. It started off innocent enough with a hectic schedule that I knew would be that way. But at the end of the day…I’m pooped…in more ways than one!

  • started off taking the kids to school…no big deal
  • Plan was to go to one of my lawn mowing clients to take care of a couple of jobs for them…Man it was cold this morning!…still no big deal, though.
  • In the middle of my job, my wife calls. She can’t get the van started to take my 10 year old daughter to the doctor. I have to leave my job undone and go home.
  • Van will not start no matter what I try. Doctor’s appointment has to be canceled. Mess around (in the cold) with the van some more. No luck.
  • I have to be on my way, because I am picking up  my 15 year old from class to take her to a plastic surgeon to see about taking care of her scars from her accident 11 months ago. We have to drive to Atlanta.
  • On the way, I call for a tow truck to come get my van and take it to a friend’s house so he can work on it Sat.
  • That’s now 2 of our 3 cars down. My daughter’s and our van. It’s tough to put a family of ten in a pick up truck without piling them in the back! 🙂
  • I drive my daughter to the appointment. It goes fine.
  • I must then drive her from Atl to Acworth for her ballet classes…in Friday afternoon traffic. Ugh!
  • On the way, my wife calls to say that I will likely have to go to the ER when I get home to take my 8 year old daughter who may have broke her foot doing a round-off in her room. “sigh!”
  • I pick up some pizza on the way home…gotta love the Little Ceasars $5 deal.
  • Upon arriving home I see that the wrecker never came to pick up my van. This means it won’t be fixed tomorrow and will leave us with only my truck for the remainder of the weekend and into the first of the week. “sigh” again.
  • Tomorrow, I have a pre-marriage counseling appointment followed by my daughter’s basketball game, then I should go back and finish the yard work I didn’t finish today. After that, Saturday evening will hold final study/prayer/prep time for Sunday morning.
  • Sunday will also be my 5 year old’s birthday, which means a Princess Party.
  • I’m pooped!
  • God must be about to do something! 🙂

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