Why does God let bad things happen to good people?

As we have been studying Habakkuk, one of the difficult questions is this one. Habakkuk kind of got into God’s grill a little as he basically said, “God what you’re telling me is about to happen just isn’t fair!” (See Habakkuk 1) Most skeptics and philosophers and those with a humanistic viewpoint…even some claiming to be Christians…want to use this question as an excuse for not following the Lord or for not accepting God’s Word. It can become an easy copout. But as we are seeing as we dig deeper into Habakkuk, God is totally sovereign and loving and omnipotent, yet at the same time totally just and holy. Is God fair? No. And we better be glad! If He were fair, you and I would have to pay the penalty for our own sin. He is just and holy, but be glad He isn’t fair.  That’s the bottom line.

I came across this video from Voddie Baucham that I thought was a great look at this age-old question:

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