Fight Club

Came across this post from Scot Longyear Can’t say it any better, so I’ll just let him say it:

And from the time John the Baptist began preaching until now, the Kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing, and violent people are attacking it. – Matthew 11

The kingdom should be forcefully advancing. Every shoulder to the plow. Everybody rowing hard. Warriors who, when the camera zooms in, have a half-crazed look in their eyes. Advancers who don’t look like everyone else because they spend all their energy in advancing.

Yet sometimes the church looks more like a group of well-dressed people sitting in offices than they do warriors. They enjoy reading about how other churches are forcefully advancing. Like reading a good novel, they put down the book and say, “It would be nice to have that here.” But they don’t. Why? Because they would rather read the battle report of another than fight the conflict in front of them. They would rather sit in an office than rattle some hell-gates. They would rather debate theology than have coffee with a binge alcoholic, homosexual, orphan, widow, user, or God-hater.

The saddest part is that sometimes I would rather read than fight.

The church is to advance, FORCEFULLY. It’s time to guard with the left hand and get the right hand bloody (2 Cor. 6). It’s time for hard conversations which include a definition of who the enemy is and a plan to rattle his gates. It includes rallying other half-crazy warriors to grow the church from being a sissified country club to a bloody fighting machine. What are we waiting for? Attack or be attacked.

God, I ask that you give us wisdom and boldness and courage. Help our moves to be yours – cold and calculated. And may your movement grow in size and strength. May your name be famous and may your enemies get a thrashing.

copyright 2008, Scot Longyear at Resonate

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