Good Word…

Read this from Steven Furtick today. I’ve lived this as well…too many times over the years. Good word!

Swatting at gnats

I heard this from an eyewitness:

An internationally famous minister recently spent some time with another well known pastor.  The more experienced pastor was listening to the other guy elaborate about some things that were weighing heavily on him, keeping him up at night, stealing his focus.

After this went on for a little while, the more experienced minister looked at his friend and told him:
“You’re swatting at gnats.  You’re going to wreck your car swatting at gnats.”

That spoke to me.  I spend too much time swatting at gnats.
I expend my energy fighting battles where there are no spoils.
I let worry and anxiety overwhelm me about situations that are either hypothetical, or outside of my control.
I let stupid comments from stupid people occupy oh-so-valuable bandwidth in my brain.
I blow my dilemmas out of proportion until they seem larger than life, and impossible to solve.

We’ve got to stop swatting at gnats.
We’ve got places to go, and bigger things to do.

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