Sunday Recap 12-21-08

Great day @ The Ridge today! We finished (almost) our “Its All About The Presence” series. (I say almost, because we still have Christmas Eve, which will be somewhat of an epilogue of the entire series.) Here’s today’s highlights:

  • We talked about “The Power of The Presence: God In Us.” Do we come to church expecting anything supernatural or just the “normal”? We looked at Luke 8:40-48 and a woman who took a risk and reached out for something supernatural. The power of His presence changed everything for her.
  • We need The Presence because like this woman, we are powerless.  To experience the power of the Presence takes risk.
  • The Presence of God has the power to make a difference…in you and your world?
  • So what has YOU feeling powerless this Christmas? What do you need in order to experience the Power of His Presence this Christmas?
  • The band rocked this morning! Scott England was back with us and did a great job leading. It was great to have Kendall back singing today too. She did a great job!
  • Good attendance today and solid offering. Amazing, with everything else going on in the economy, we’ve made budget for the last 12 weeks! We’d never made budget more than 2 or 3 weeks before. Praise God for His provision. Props to all you Ridgers for faithful, obedient giving! Keep it up!
  • Went over to West Ridge Church this afternoon to help with the big community Christmas outreach. Over 1500 families were helped as we partnered with five other churches to serve them. Thanks to all of you Ridgers who gave your afternoon to volunteer!
  • BIGGEST AND BEST highlight of the day…SEVEN people took a risk and stood to receive Christ today!! I usually don’t ask people to stand, but today I did. It was amazing! I had been praying for God to do something supernatural today..and He did! I wish I had time to tell you a couple of the amazing stories of people who put their faith in Christ today. Unbelievable! As Perry Noble always says, “That never gets old!”
  • Have an early morning breakfast  Monday for the teachers at Austin Middle School. Looking forward to it.
  • Can’t wait until Wednesday for our Christmas Eve service. It’s gonna be awesome! 5:30pm at Austin M.S. if you’re in the area.
  • By the way…Falcons are in the playoffs! Can you believe it?

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