Week In Review

Well, it’s been a busy week. So much so, that I haven’t blogged…although my wife’s hijacking of my blog on my birthday did produce a lot of hits. 🙂

A few of this week’s happenings:

  • my birthday was Wednesday. Got lots of Facebook birthday wishes. Pretty cool hearing Happy Birthday from people I haven’t seen in 25+ years! 🙂
  • Thursday, thanks to a generous gift card from one of my lawn mowing clients and Ridge attender, my wife and I went out to this restaurant. We were definitely in a different league than normal. Thoroughly enjoyed it. First class treatment all the way. (By the looks of the crowd in this restaurant on a Thursday night, I’d say the economy is alive and well.)
  • Met with a former student in my youth ministry in Chattanooga (from a few years back) and his fiance. Helping them get ready for a wedding in April. Always love seeing how God grows up my former students. It also makes me feel really old! 😦
  • Friday night was a Ridge Volunteer Christmas Gathering at our house. I love our volunteers @ The Ridge! They do a phenomenal job week after week. It was fun to get to hang with some of them and say thanks for making a difference. If you didn’t make it by on Friday, thanks for all you do in serving the Lord @ The Ridge!
  • Lots of other stuff went on this week too, but I won’t bore you with the details. Let’s just say it was busy! My wife says she needs to move Christmas to December 30th. Okay by me.
  • Bad news today. My daughter’s car, which has been dead in the street in front of our house since the week before Thanksgiving, got a terminal diagnosis today. Actually, beyond terminal…pretty much DOA. A mechanic friend looked at it today and basically it isn’t worth what it will likely take to fix. She and I have been sharing my truck, which limits her mobility and means I have to work around her work schedule most evenings. Oh well, “the Lord provideth and the Lord taketh away”. He gave us that car for a time and He knows our needs. We’ll just “consider it all joy” for now.
  • Can’t wait until TOMORROW @ The Ridge! We continue our series “It’s All About The PRESENCE” with “The Purpose of the Presence…God for us.” I can promise you it isn’t what you think! Don’t miss it.  Call someone tonight and invite them to join you. It’s gonna be a great day!

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