Two “Get-Aways”

Earlier this week, our team took an overnight “getaway” to work on the teaching calendar for 2009. I am excited about what we talked and prayed through for next year. We have tentatively planned out the calendar all the way through next NOVEMBER. Wow! It was hard to believe we were talking about what next Christmas was going to hold when we haven’t officially started this one yet!  (We didn’t decide on Christmas 09 yet by the way.) We also had a chance to talked creatively through the first 4 series of the year. In addition, we looked at some major calendar items for 09. Even though it was a quick getaway, overall it was a very productive, focused time.

Tonight is a second getaway. My wife and I are taking our two oldest to a youth conference in Chattanooga. We are dropping them off and then we are going to be able to have a night away to ourselves in Chatt-town. It’s just overnight, but my wife deserves a getaway after having to hold down the fort last month while I was in Africa. One night away doesn’t totally make up for all the stuff she had to deal with while I was gone, but its a start anyway. 🙂 While in Chattanooga, we plan to visit my old college roommate who is in the hospital there after a severe accident at his work the day before Thanksgiving.  He has lost portions of both his legs after having them caught in some machinery. Please pray for Chuck and his wife Susan and their 4 kids. They have a long road ahead, but are facing it with the Lord’s strength and amazingly good spirits.

Can’t wait until Sunday as we kick off our Christmas Series! Ridgers, make sure you invite someone to The Ridge this Sunday and all month. It is a great time to get people to come with you to church, because they are thinking about spiritual things over a longer period of time than any other point in the year. Don’t miss the opportunity to impact someone’s life with The Presence this Christmas!

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