Sunday Recap 11-23-08

Solid day @ The Ridge yesterday as we wrapped up our UFC: Ultimate Family Challenge series. We looked at what it means to “contend with our enemies in the gate” as Psalm 127 speaks about.  What hinders us sometimes is that we have no “back up” when we have to face the enemies. We talked about breaking the chains of generational sin and strongholds in our families, which is a major factor in keeping us from being able to contend with the enemies of our home. We looked at Eli and his sons as an example. God wants you and I to be free from the sin tendencies of our forefathers. I quoted author/teacher Beth Moore on the subject:

Thankfully, Christians aren’t doomed to live with our families’ sins. The Cross of Calvary is enough to set us free from every yoke; God’s Word is enough to make liberty a practical reality, no matter what those before us left as an “inheritance.”

If this is a struggle for you, be encouraged. You can be free…your family can be impacted positively for generations…and can impact another generation for God’s Kingdom. THAT is the Ultimate Family Challenge…but it has to start with you and me…the chains have to be broken somewhere so that when we stand and contend with our enemies at the gate, we can know that we have a multi-generational defense with Christ in the center, that cannot be broken!

It was great to see many people responding, saying they needed to lay these things that have been hindering them, at the feet of Jesus to be covered in His blood and grace. I believe many were set free yesterday!

Last night we had our first JamNite workshops for families. It was great! Wendell, Ashley and the Family Ministry team hit a homerun! Thanks to all those who made this night happen. About 50 adults (and at least that many kids!) were @ The Ridge for a pizza supper and some breakout workshops on everything from taking a fresh perspective on Christmas focus and traditions with your family to helping your kids transition to adolescence to looking at the big picture of how to prepare your kids to move through the teen years and into college. The kids had some great times of fun and games too. Thanks to Dave Cole for coming and leading one of the workshops for us. Thanks also to Tammy Roemer and some of the youth from 1st Baptist Powder Springs for coming and helping with the kids, so that our folks could take advantage of the workshops.

Looking forward to a special week of Thanksgiving, then we will be focusing on the vision God has for us in Burkina Faso next Sunday. Can’t wait to share with you all that God is doing there! Following that, we will be kicking off our Christmas series on December 7th. I think that this is going to be a timely series that will be about the peace and presence of God with us during the Christmas season. I think that during these turbulent times, God has a special message for us. What is the title? You’ll hear next Sunday…be here!!

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