Wrapping up and Ramping up

Tomorrow, we wrap up our UFC: Ultimate Family Challenge series. We’ll be looking at the Challenge of the Battle as we wrap up our study of Psalm 127. We’ll also be looking at several other scriptures related to having a generational perspective when it comes to our life and our family and the church. I believe that this Sunday will be a turning point and a setting free moment for many individuals and families. I can’t wait to see how God is going to work in many lives this week!

Listen, I know it has been cold…and supposed to be cold tomorrow morning. I also know that with school out this week, many will be tempted to skip out on gathering with the church this Sunday. DON’T! You do not want to miss what God may have for you this week!

As we conclude the UFC series this Sunday night is JamNite. This is a special workshop night for families where you can get practical advice in a small group setting. There will be stuff for children and youth and a pizza supper for your family. Sign up has closed for JamNite, but we will be offering these about 3 times a year, so make sure you don’t miss the next one. If you signed up, don’t forget to be at Austin MS at 5:30pm. Stop by Connection Point tomorrow for more info.

We are ramping up for our Christmas series beginning December 7th. I am excited about this series. I think it is going to be a timely message that will encourage, challenge, and even bring a spirit of peace in troubled times. What is the series? You’ll have to wait one more week to hear about it. We will also have a great resource available for your family to use during Advent that I told you about HERE. I can promise you these won’t last long! Stop by the Resource Center at Connection Point to check it out.

If you are like me, you are also ramping up for Thanksgiving week. I love Thanksgiving! It tends to be the forgotten holiday, because there isn’t much money to be made by retailers when it comes to Thanksgiving (outside of grocery stores). My whole family has traditionally gathered at our house on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It is the one time of year that our whole family gets together. As we look forward to Thanksgiving, I am excited about the next Sunday, November 30th. This will be a day of celebration and vision as we look forward with grateful hearts and anticipation to the vision God has given us for Burkina Faso. I have some great stories to share with you and what I believe is an awesome challenge for each and every one of us from God’s word. You don’t want to miss it. We are also going to be celebrating through family dedication and baptism that day. If you haven’t signed up for either of these you can go HERE to register online. Someone from our staff will contact you directly to talk more about the details.

Don’t miss the next month @ The Ridge! Don’t let a busy schedule crowd out what God wants to do in your life. Be at every gathering of The Ridge you can…and you’ll experience a fresh perspective from God!

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