Well, tonight is my wife’s evening off…so to speak. On Thursdays, she takes my 15 year old to dance class. The dance studio is about 45 minutes away and since there isn’t really enough time to come home, she usually just stays there and either goes to Starbucks, reads, makes a Wal-Mart run or whatever. It is just a little much deserved time to herself.

So tonight, I popped some popcorn and the kids and I watched old Cosby Show rerun on TV Land. Then we decided to play a quick game before bed. Here is the game they chose:sorryNow, if you’ve never played Sorry with 4 kids, you must know that it can take forever…which I know full well. However, I relented and played…and played…and played. My ten-year old seemed to relish sending Dad back and saying “sorry!” I didn’t think this game would end. Then it got more intense and the competitive juices kicked in. I would not be defeated. Payback came to my ten year old…”Sorry!” Then it came to my 8 year old…”Sorry!”Ā  My seven year old son was spared my wrath (us guys gotta stick together around here)…but not his sister’s. He was about 7-8 spaces away from victory when his sister sent him back…”Sorry!” Victory was sweet however, when age and wisdom won out as I barely defeated my 7 year old son and my ten and eight year old daughters. The four year old was supposed to be my partner but was by now under the table playing with the baby. As I savored victory, I looked at the clock and it was after 9:30pm. “Brush your teeth and get to bed!” The game that never ends… “Sorry!” Don’t start this game if you can help it…and certainly don’t start it after 8PM! Just don’t tell my wife how late the kids were up! šŸ™‚

What are your favorite games to play as a family? What games do you remember as a kid?

2 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Bryan Roy

    I can remember playing Trouble with my mother for hours on end. only to learn later on in life she always let me win just to see the smile on my face.

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