Burkina – Day 8

This morning we had about a 2 ½ hour meeting with the Pastor of Central Church in Ouagadougou. It was an amazing experience. Pastor Thomas has an amazing story of how he came to Christ and how God called him to pastor and eventually plant what has become the largest church in Ouagadougou. We were very encouraged by his passion and vision to reach the unreached people all around his country. Pastor Thomas is also very excited about having us commit to helping complete that vision.

We talked of some strategy and vision to partner together and all of us were of one mind and heart. I shared with Pastor Thomas what Henry Blackaby wrote several years ago, that if we want to know God’s will, we should simply “look where God is working and join Him.” I have become convinced that God is working here and I am excited about joining the Lord in what He is doing here.  It is going to be amazing!

We had two meetings scheduled today with national government officials and a dinner meeting with the Mayor of Ouagadougou. We were really anticipating these meetings…but both of them were postponed at the last minute. Government business took precedent . Tentatively, we are rescheduled for tomorrow with both of these before we fly out tomorrow night. Please pray that these take place.

Since we had our meeting canceled we did a little more shopping at a cool Artisan Village where they are making the stuff right there.

I told you the other day of a story that had not been completed from when we were out in the bush village of Fin. Well, that story has had another chapter written that is amazing! And we believe it is still not fully written. You will hear about this story Sunday. I promise you will NOT want to miss this! Be here Sunday @ The Ridge. You will be blessed!

Continue to pray for our meetings to happen tomorrow. Pray for our families. Pray for safe travel Tuesday night and Wednesday. I’ll hopefully have one more blog installment tomorrow before our departure, then a wrap up later this week.

We’re headed to dinner now, just as you are having lunch. I hope I’ll be able to get my body back on schedule when I return. 🙂


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