Bukina Day 1 Part duex

Well we are wrapping up a long day. We saw and talked about so much today it was almost overwhelming. We toured several ministry sites including L.A.C. which is a Christian High School with 400 students; Dorcas House which is a home for at risk girls that is under construction and about to open in a couple of weeks;  as well as a couple of  potential ministry sites under development. One of which is in a poor area on a piece of property the government gave to the missionaries to develop. This people of this area were living in fear of a great snake that lived on this property (likely a python). They were so in fear of it, that they even made sacrifices to it to try and appease it so it wouldn’t kill their children. Pete, one of the missionaries, said it is likely that some of those sacrifices may have been human. God opened the door to give this land to them to develop a youth center and eventually a church. The day the land was given over to them a man from the village came to them and said, “We are happy, now. Maybe the great snake will leave.” That week it was seen going away from the area and has yet to be seen. God is redeeming a piece of land! Amazing!

Tonight after dinner had the privilege of hearing Larry Wolters share his testimony of how God brought he and his family to Burkina 4 years ago. Larry was a lay person in his own construction business and God called him to move here and serve Him and the people of Burkina. Great story. We also had the chance to debrief and share some vision with one another. I can’t believe the size of the potential, the cope of the vision and opportunity, and the daunting task that lies ahead here. “But God…” He has a plan for Burkina Faso, I know that. I can’t wait to see what He is going to do here. And this is just our first full day!

Tomorrow we head to “the bush” where we will spend two nights out in villages with the Pugli, an unreached people group. I will blog when we return Saturday of our time there. Keep praying for our team and for God to give us all clarity of vision as to where and what He wants to do here and how we are to be involved as churches. Pray too  for Pete Brokopp and Larry Wolters and Jay Shafto, the missionaries  we have met with here, as well as their families.

For some pics and other’s updates from our team read blogs from Tim, Brian, Tadd, Paul.


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