Vote Today!

NOTE: These are my personal thoughts, not that of any church or network or organization.

Since I am traveling out of the country today, I have already voted. I pray that you will too…even if you don’t agree with everything a candidate does or does not stand for, go vote. Vote for the one that is closest to what you think our country should look like.

There is a huge difference in this election in what the candidates think our country should look like. One believes that we should have less government control and that our constitution should be followed as the founding fathers envisioned. He wants to keep your taxes from increasing and cut wasteful spending by the government.

The other believes that the government, not you, knows what is best for you. He wants to “spread your wealth…or the opportunity for you to gain wealth…to those who didn’t work for it.” He will raise taxes…he promised himself…and he will use your money to spend, spend, spend in Washington. The scariest part is he believes that the government should have more control in our lives and doesn’t hold to the constitution the way our founders envisioned.

I believe that this is the most important election of our time…if not history. This could fundamentally change what our country looks like. I really believe that. SO go VOTE! It is vital. Vote for the future of our nation…not for slogans. Don’t vote for someone because of race or party or gender or speeches or their age or because of the emotion of the current economic climate. Economies go up and down. It will rebound…if we have the right policies. If we don’t it will take much longer. Vote for what they stand for and how they’ve voted in the past. That will tell you how they will lead in the future.

Here is a voting record for you to check out to compare the two candidates.

This is not partisan, it is just a matter of record. Look at it and decide what you want in our next president. Another good site about our founding father’s principles and intentions is HERE.


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