Sunday Recap 11-02-08

Great day @ The Ridge today as we kicked off our UFC: Ultimate Family Challenge series.

  • John & the Band kicked off the gathering with a rockin instrumental of “Eye Of The Tiger”. They rocked the whole hour too! Cary was the “new guy” on guitar and backup vocals today. He did an excellent job. Jason had a much deserved break today.
  • Good attendance again, just under 400.
  • An old friend was @ The Ridge today that I haven’t seen in over 25 years! Very cool to reconnect.
  • Had another cool moment…as the countdown for the second gathering was going on, a guy came up to me in the back and said, “Just want you to know I never liked going to church. But since coming here, I like it. Thanks.” Wow! Very cool…that’s what we’re about!
  • Bill, along with Shane and Erin did a great job of starting “Huddle 304” for all our volunteers. It is a great place for all volunteers to connect before serving each week. If you are a volunteer in any area, you need to check it out next week…in room 304 of all places.
  • God is blessing those who are taking the 90-day Challenge and in turn He is blessing the church, which is allowing us to bless others. Thank you for your faithful obedience, Ridgers.
  • I’m heading to Burkina Faso, Africa tomorrow. I’ll post a prayer itinerary Monday before I leave. Pray for our team and for our families while we are gone.
  • We had a fun video that kicked off our UFC series. Check it out:

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