Zip It

This past Sunday, we talked about temptation and forgiveness as part of our Fireproof Your Marriage series. I know that it was a challenging message, for me too, as we talked about temptation and the need to break free from it. We touched on pornography and lust because these are the things that have the greatest potential to undermine our marriages. Make no mistake about it, women struggle with lust too. It’s just different. It falls into the emotional needs category. But men, we carry a great responsibility here. We are responsible to meet her emotional needs, so that she won’t have to go elsewhere AND we are responsible to “zip it” when it comes to sexual temptation as well. Yeah, that’s what I said, “zip it and keep it zipped” even if it is just “in our minds”, because in your mind will lead to the rest of your body. (See James 1:13-15)

Perry Noble went on a rant today specifically speaking to pastors on this subject, but it is relevant to ALL men. Ladies you need to read it too, because we could use your help here. (Sometimes women don’t make it easy on us.) That said, we still need to be real men…gentlemen…godly gentlemen who are led by Christ and who are leading our families. Check out Perry’s blog.

By the way we are continuing our Fireproof Your Marriage series this week Don’t miss it!

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