Day 2 of our Trip

Well, as promised, let me tell you how our trip concluded. We traveled from Cooperstown to NYC and checked into our hotel in NJ (since we were flying out of Newark the next morning). Without much delay, we headed to the train station to catch the train into the city, where we planned to see a couple of quick sites and head to the Mets-Cubs game. We were on the train and I realized that I had left our Mets tickets in the hotel room! Duh!! Luckily we were only one stop down the line and the conductor had not yet punched our tickets. We quickly got off and caught the next train back, hoping that we once again wouldn’t get punched. We didn’t :). I only had $20 cash left, which would have been enough to get cab fare back to the hotel after the game that night (about $9). Unfortunately, I was now forced to use it all to go there and back this time. Frustrating. Anyway, after meeting a pretty talkative, but nice, cabbie and getting back to the train station with tickets in hand, we were once again off to the city.

The delay cost us what little valuable sightseeing time we had. Therefore we decided to take a stop at the Empire State Building (one of the things my son wanted to see) since it was on the way. We decided to try to make it up to the observatory (you’re only there once, right?). It took about 45 minutes in line, but wasn’t too bad. It was worth it to my son, however. We got to see the sunset from the top of the Empire State Building. “Pretty cool!” he said.

After that we headed to Shea, grabbing a McDonald’s on the way. We walked a few blocks down to Grand Central Station. Pretty cool place too. Then hopped the 7 Train to Shea Stadium. It took a while and was pretty crowded, but we made it to our seats by the top of the third. I asked my son if it was okay that we were late and was it worth it to get to go up on the ESB. He said, “Definitely.”

Won’t go into the details of the game, but it was a good one. A 10 inning affair that the Cubs won by one run. We had a blast! It was one of the last games to be played in Shea Stadium history (only 5 more after that one).  We made it back to our hotel by about midnight. Shea is a long way from Jersey! (By the way, I did find an ATM to get cab fare.)

As we returned home the next day, we had finished our studies and had had our man-to-man talks and had prayed together. The next day I was able to take him to the store and purchase him a special gift. It’s a ring commitment that I asked him to wear until he is married. This is a reminder of his commitment to purity and God’s Word as well as to his future mate. I was so proud of him as he was very enthusiastic about it. He has even been showing it off to all his buddies in the neighborhood…unashamedly. It’s a pretty cool “spinner” ring, by the way. I might like one myself.  🙂  My son understood and agreed with all the things we talked about. I pray that he always will.

I hope that my kids will never forget these trips. I know I won’t. They have impacted me and humbled me and caused me to grow in my walk with the Lord. I continue to pray for their future mates. I pray for their wisdom and purity and for God’s protection for their hearts and minds and bodies. His plans are amazing and we believe that He will use them to impact another generation for His Kingdom…I pray that is the case.

Here are a few pics of that last day:

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