Back In The Saddle

Well, it’s back in the saddle today. I can honestly say that this is the most rested I have ever felt after a vacation. The main reason is this is the first time I have ever been able to take off more than 3-4 days straight. We were very blessed to have access to a place in Panama City for 8 days…thanks to a bartering agreement with one of my lawn care clients (my part-time side job).

Usually, we can only afford a couple of days if we go anywhere OR if we go stay with family a couple of days is all we can do…Mostly because of size of our family. To stay with family is usually quite an invasion. To rent a place is quite an expense. 🙂 This time, however, was different. We actually had a full 8 days. I was more tired than I realized. It took me a few days to unwind. I never totally got physically rested because when you have 8 kids who all want to do something at the beach or the pool, the physical rest doesn’t come so easily. But after building sand castles, collecting shells, boogie boarding, jumping waves, throwing 4, 6, 8, 10 and even the occasional 12 year old repeatedly around the pool, the repeating all over and over, I must say that I was emotionally rested and as a result physically rested too. I even had a chance to teach my 4-year old to swim this week and to work with the others on improving and developing their strokes. For an old Water Safety Instructor/Lifeguard like me, that was fun! Because of so much daily physical activity, the kids were worn out and slept good. My wife and I usually took turns in the afternoon on nap duty with our 1 year old. (Let me tell you, that is a blessing!). I actually drove all the way home and wasn’t exhausted when I got there. That’s a first.

The Gulf was pretty churned up by Ike. It was amazing to see the huge waves! Double red flags most days, but we got out in it a little. We would stand at the edge of the water and I had to hold the hands of the little ones to keep them from being pulled out, the rip currents were so strong.

It was a good break and I was up early this morning and ready to get back to work. My thanks to our staff team for carrying the water this week! Thanks too to Casey Graham for doing such a good job filling in teaching for me last Sunday. Looking forward to this week @ The Ridge. Spent a great week with the most important peeps in my life. Now can’t wait to get back with the second most important peeps in my life! 🙂

One thought on “Back In The Saddle

  1. Johnny

    Glad to hear you guys are back, and that the lord wacthed over you guys going down there, while you were there and the way back. We all need some quality time with our family and God. We missed you guys.

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