Just Chllin’

Well we are in the “Redneck Riviera” aka Panama City Beach. I was able to barter a place by mowing one of my client’s yards for free in exchange for using his townhome at the beach. We are just hangin out and doin the beach and pool each day. We are blessed to be able to use this place. This time of year is great in PCB. Very few people here during the week except the retirees and a few couples and families with preschoolers. (Vacationing this time of year is just one of the advantages of home schooling.)

The surf has been crazy the last couple of days because of  Hurricane Ike in the gulf. Waves as high as 12-15 feet! It was definitely cool to watch! The beach was totally overrun by water, all the way up to the steps and dunes.  We couldn’t get into the water the last two days, but we got to have some pool time.

Last night we sat in line trying to get gas because we heard of the gas panic at home. The panic wasn’t too bad here, but there was one place that had gas still cheaper than anyone else, so there was a line. I was afraid that word of the panic might spread here too, if it did we weren’t sure we’d be able to get gas to get home.  Amazing how people can panic. Who causes that? The media? People? Or is it legit? Anyway, we were able to get gas.

So we’re just chillin a little while longer. I’m really enjoying the break. I’m tired though from playing with the kids. But it’s a relaxed kind of tired. 🙂

Ridgers, don’t miss this Sunday as we explore part two of “Survivorman: life principles for surviving and thriving in a wild economy.” Which seems to be quite relevant this week. 🙂

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