Trying to decide…

We have been in some pretty tight financial days this summer. So much so, that we are trying to find ways to cut expenses. We have an office suite that we have been in for 2 years now, which has served us well. We even expanded earlier this year by renting the suite next door because we were really crowded. However, this seems to be one of the only ways we can immediately cut expenses, which we desperately need to do right now.

There have come two opportunities to make a change. One would be a short term fix with little commitment, the other a little longer term, but with more of a commitment. The short term deal would be an offering of a couple of offices free of rent. However, it would have a few drawbacks (no place for our band to practice and 5 people sharing two offices, not exactly in our ministry area). Savings over 6 months = $6500+

The other option is a house that is available that would be more practical, more space, could house band and other groups as well as a little room to grow. Drawbacks on this one would be a 12 month lease, may have zoning issues (unknown at this time), more expensive (but less than we currently are spending), we’d have to pay utilities (which we currently don’t. Savings over next 6 months = $2000 +/-

Both are good options, just in different ways. We could definitely save money either way. Maybe God will open another door, but right now, those are our options. The house for rent is a little more time pressured, which I don’t like, because the guy needs to know the end of this week.

What would you do?


1 Response to “Trying to decide…”

  1. 1 Debby Morton
    August 29, 2008 at 12:17 am

    I think that GOD will provide the answer since it is all in HIS hands anyway.

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