Sunday Recap 8-10-08

Yesterday was a great day @ The Ridge! We continued our “Undercover…No More” series as Paul Richardson from West Ridge Church was our guest teacher. He did a great job of talking about not “shrinking back” from prayer. The illustration of connecting with others and God through prayer was awesome: Intercessory prayer = reaching out and taking hold of God with one hand and reaching out and taking someone else with the other.

John, Jason and the band did an awesome job as usual…especially considering that they didn’t have a chance to rehearse this week (because of Family Fusion Family Camp) and there were tons of technical glitches before, and even during, the first gathering. Attendance was back up significantly yesterday. Folks are coming back from their summer. School starts next Monday, so I’m sure things will be up again.

Finally, here is a video recap of our Family Fusion Family Camp last week. It was a great time of strengthening marriages and families and a fresh encounter with God. Ridgers, next year’s camp details will be available in October. I’m certain that if you want to go, you’ll need to sign up early!


1 Response to “Sunday Recap 8-10-08”

  1. 1 Darrell Galloway
    August 14, 2008 at 6:53 am

    Funny, Paul talked about the Missionary, the witch dr. and the black mamba snake, Sunday and last night I step out the back door and almost onto a 2 1/2′ copperhead. I didn’t stomp it on the head as Paul reported the Missionary did, the dog distracted it long enough for me to get the shotgun to send it to snake heaven. We have to be ever vigilant for the dangers that try to sneak into and around our homes, both literally and figuratively. What dangers do I let into my home that I’m not aware of that can do more damage than a copperhead? What am I listening to, looking at or thinking on? Dangerous things can slink in like a snake and rob us of the safety our homes. Thankfully God gave us the powerful 2 edged sword that is his word, to defeat these enemies just as effectively as a 20 gage shotgun on a copperhead!

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