Back From Family Camp

We are back! This past week we were at The Ridge’s second annual Family Fusion Family Camp. Twenty families attended and God did a significant work in the lives of everyone there. We finally got home last evening after multiple bathroom stops (4 in a two hour drive!).

At Camp this week, we had a blast doing all sorts of games and activities as families and also just hanging out. In addition, we had some great worship and study gatherings. God certainly spoke to all of us. The facilities at Strong Rock Camp in Cleveland, GA were excellent. Wendell, or Family Pastor, gets major props for his superb job of directing and organizing the entire camp. We had an amazing group of young volunteers serving as our camp staff. WOW! What an awesome group of young adults! They served the families at camp tirelessly and unselfishly. Fantastic job!

I can only imagine the long-term impact of such a week. God is going to use this a s a catalytic moment for many families that will impact another generation! For those who were at Family Fusion, just remember, “don’t shrink back” (Hebrews 10:39) …keep moving forward in “the things the Lord has commanded you.” He is continuing to speak to you. Just stay in the habit of listening.

For those of you who were praying for this week, THANK YOU! Please continue to pray for these families and all families, that God would mend, restore, strengthen and mold us into what He intends for us, so that we could “impact another generation” for His Kingdom. Here is a picture of the group at Family Fusion ’08:

Family Fusion '08
Family Fusion '08

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