My Computer…Finally!

Well after talking to yet another tech person at Dell, I finally have my computer fixed…for now, anyway. I am actually typing this on my laptop…not my wife’s laptop, not the desktop at home, not the desktop of our office assistant…mine 🙂 FINALLY.

I have gotten to know several Dell Tech guys: there was Will, Kevin, Johnny, a girl I can’t remember, another guy I can’t remember, and Paul. That is six different people that I have dealt with, not including the tech/fixit guy who came to my office yesterday. And it only took 23 days, between 8 and 12 phone calls, getting cut off in the middle of conversations with tech guys three times, two times of sending my computer to the Dell Repair Depot, and one fixit/tech guy coming to my office to totally gut and re-gut my computer. Well, persistence pays off. It is working. Let’s just hope it stays that way. 🙂

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