Amazing weekend ahead!

I am so excited about this weekend! It is our Community Makeover Weekend. There are 9 churches involved and we will be doing ministry projects all over the county. Most of the churches, The Ridge included, will NOT have our Sun day morning worship gathering this week. Instead, we will be out in the community. We call it “Don’t GO To Church, BE The Church!” I am pumped that over 200 people have signed up to participate from The Ridge on Saturday and Sunday. We have several projects to do that will touch dozens of families in our community. I can’t wait to report on the results! Pray for all of us Ridgers and the others in the county who will be ministering in Jesus’ name this weekend. This is unprecedented! Jesus is going to be made famous in Paulding County this weekend!

Those of you who are Ridgers, plan to be at Austin Middle School at 9AM both Saturday and Sunday if you want to participate. Even if you didn’t sign up ahead of time, just show up and we’ll get you plugged in. What an amazing opportunity to love our community!

2 thoughts on “Amazing weekend ahead!

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  2. Mike Johnson

    If I knew not going to church was going to be this much fun I would have stopped going a long time ago. Man what a difference it makes when you are the church… Thanks for you and the other Pastor’s work in pulling this together. What an awesome experience.

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