My Computer…Round 3

As I am writing this, a computer tech/fixit guy contracted from Dell is sitting outside my office taking all the guts out of my laptop and putting basically everything new in. It has been a ridiculous month in regards to thsi computer. Earlier this week I received my computer back from Dell’s repair depot…for the second time in three weeks! As soon as I turned it on, I knew that they had not made the necessary repairs. it only took about a minute and a half for it to inexplicably shut down. When I looked at the repair sheet, I noticed they had simply replaced the LCD…which has nothing to do with the problem! I called and spent over an hour on the phone with Dell (at least I was talking to an American 🙂 ). I said I wanted a refund. HA! They said they would send me a refurbished unit (someone else’s problems) or send out a tech/repair geek to fix my computer. A refurb would take 3 weeks to get. A technician coming to my office, would take a couple of days. I opted for the tenician, but said if he, couldn’t repair it I’d be seeking a full refund and taking my business elsewhere, maybe buying a Mac.

So, here we sit…waiting to see the results. I’ll keep you updated.

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