My Computer… Not so fast, my friend! @*%^&!!!!!

First of all, I’m in the wrong business. The tech/repair computer geek, who was fixing my computer when last I blogged, left my office after doing his job…in a brand new 2008 Corvette convertible! It was sweet!

Well, the saga continues. Before aforementioned tech/repair computer geek left, my newly re-gutted computer’s wifi would not work. He said, I’d need to reinstall it from my driver disc that came with my computer originally since he had replaced my wireless card. That disk was at home, so I said, “Fine. I’ll get it when I get home.” Easy, right?

Not so fast, my friend! When installed that disk could not identify whatever parts he put into the computer. Not only does it not recognize the wireless driver, it doesn’t recognize the ethernet driver. Consequently, I cannot get online in any way to download the proper stuff! @#%&^$!! Oh, sorry. I should be more patient. Anyway, I didn’t want to call Dell tonight, because I may very well become a cussing preacher if I talk to them again. Therefore, I call a friend who is a great computer guy. If anyone could figure it out he could.

Not so fast, my friend! He walked me through a bunch of different options, including downloading the driver to my desktop and transferring it by jump drive to my laptop. Nothing.Ā  %#@$^&*!!! Oh, sorry again! Well, surely there was something else we could try.

Not so fast…that’s it for now. No other options as things stand now. I must call Dell…again…for the umpteenth time this month. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, “AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

“Consider it all joy my brothers, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance…” (James 1:2-3)Ā  I must be getting ready for a marathon. šŸ™‚

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