My Computer

Two weeks ago I had to send my computer back to Dell to be fixed. It was under warranty, so it didn’t cost me anything, except a bit of frustration and hassle. Anyway, I got it back in 2 days, which I thought was great. However, I immediately knew it wasn’t fixed correctly or fully, when it began randomly shutting down for no apparent reason. So after spending over 3 hours on the phone last week trying to resolve the problem (it took 3 phone calls as I was cut off once in the middle of talking to tech support!), they said to just send it back. A shipping box was sent from DHL in which I would put my computer and send it to the Dell Depot to be repaired. Okay. This was Thursday. The box was to have arrived Friday, but didn’t. So I waited patiently, all the while trying to use a computer that inexplicably shuts down whenever it wants to.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I finally received the box to ship my computer back. About the time I received the box, I got a voice mail from Dell. The guy said, “Hey, just wanted you to know that we received your computer on the 13th (which was Sunday…first interesting point) and we have it on the bench now looking at it. It should be repaired today or tomorrow and you’ll have it back by the end of the week. I’m on top of it and will be tracking it to let you know what’s going on (second interesting point). I’ll call you back later and let you know the status.” All of this was amazing to me, since at the same time as I was listening to this voice mail, I was checking my e-mail on my computer, sitting on my desk!!!

I called Dell and told them, which the guy I talked to was curious about..or at least he acted like he was. I don’t know if it is common practice to say you’re working on something, even when you don’t have a clue about what is really going on or if someone just blew it by putting something in the computer wrong. I’m actually sending it back today. I’m interested to see if at the end of this week, I’ll get mine back and another one that is apparently being “worked on” now. Hey, maybe I’ll get two for one!

5 thoughts on “My Computer

  1. jolynntroy

    Oh… how I hate my Dell as well. Well, not really hate… it’s gotten me through a lot of sticky situations and has been a lifesaver at school. I am thankful my mom got me a computer at all, much less a laptop. However…….

    I would L.O.V.E. a Macbook.

    One day soon… one day.

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